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Why Passion for and Meaning in Work May Be Even More Important Now

If you've read my posts and books, you know I have written extensively about the importance of feeling passion for and meaning in your work[1]. Now, new post-pandemic research and labor market phenomena even further support this premise. In recent years workers have spent a tremendous portion of waking hours on work. According to the 2019 American Time Use Survey, during work days full time employees spent about 53% of their waking hours working[2]. For a full-time professional, when we factor in commuting time and even thinking about the job, it’s reasonable to conclude that a higher percentage was more typical. If you were a business owner or organization leader, the percentage was likely to be even higher!  After the start of the pandemic, the 2020 data on waking hours working did not change significantly, but average hours spent working at home almost doubled[3]. So if you were spending more or all time working from home, then work may have even become an integral part of h

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