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How to Best Articulate Your Work Skills

   Steven Simon, Ph.D. Jim was unexpectedly laid off from his administrative job of 20 years at a tech company. Now, he needs to quickly prepare for a job search, something he hasn't done in many years. He knows that first,  identifying and articulating his skills will be important. This will help in deciding on a job goal, writing a resume, searching for a job and preparing for interviews. But what are those skills and how can he best present them? Can he transfer his skills to other jobs? He's finding the task difficult and more complicated than it first seemed.    The task is complicated because Jim is not entirely clear on what is meant by a skill. Popular articles talk about soft and hard skills. Skills are also described in various levels of specificity. What makes it worse is that Jim can't remember all the skills he's developed in all those years of working. His tendency is to focus on the skills he's using right now. So let's try to make findin

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