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New Edition of RELAUNCH! Available Today

  We are proud to announce today's release of the Pandemic and Post-Pandemic edition of RELAUNCH! Stagnation, Change, and Renewal in Mid-Career and Beyond by Steven Simon, Ph.D. It is available in PDF format at . As outlined in recent posts, this edition is fully updated with the latest information and resources to plan the rest of your career and find employment in the COVID-19 era and afterwards. PDF ADVANTAGES: We always encourage reading the book from cover to cover. But, the PDF version gives you great flexibility to use it as an online reference source easily taking advantage of the many linked resources. It has a much expanded Table of Contents that lets you search for topics of interest and you can use the "find" function to search at a deeper level. Unlike commercial ebooks the PDF version also allows you to print out the entire book or any portion you might want for personal reference or for providing staff training. And you c

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