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"Hope" and Your Career Beyond COVID19

  "Hope" is easy to lose in these times. The pandemic is taking more and more of a toll on us all. Even with release of vaccines, relief will still be slow.  And turbulent politics creates more uncertainty and disarray. You may be unemployed or laid off, have responsibility for a household and school age children, or be lonely,  and sad, or depressed. You may have very little or no income. If you're in a high risk group you may be afraid to travel or even celebrate holidays with small groups of people. Or you may have a job that's shaky or something you have no interest in doing long term. When things are bad, it's hard to hold onto hope for the future. But fortunately, there is HOPE. In September I gave a webinar about how you can find work passion and meaning for the rest of your career, pandemic and all. You can view it at . The webinar, entitled " Relaunch! A New Perspective on Finding Meaningful Work in Challenging Times .&qu

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