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The Amazing Power of Artificial Intelligence in Transferring Skills to a New Job

  Steven Simon, Ph.D. Anyone reading this has probably heard about the potential of artificial intelligence (AI), for better or worse. While we hear about it eliminating jobs, AI can now also play a role in short-cutting the process of searching for a job. Ironically, it is even outsmarting employers' use of AI in selecting employees. So why not also use it to seamlessly transfer your skills to a new job or a whole new field of work. Let's say you were laid off because your job is being eliminated or phased out of the job market. Or maybe you feel it's time to change directions. But look at all the time you've spent becoming an expert and the training or education you needed to get there. It's pretty disheartening to think about starting all over, especially with financial and family obligations, hopes, and future dreams. Maybe you've seen this coming but now the reality is here.  How do you even begin to sort out this turmoil you're in? A good

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