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Thinking About Starting Your Own Business?

Guest Blogger - Sue Ann Daniels (with editing help from Steve Simon!)* Work is…well…work. Nine to five, slave for the company, work until retirement. Maybe you are tired of working for someone else. Maybe you lost your job due to COVID. Maybe you just want a change. Maybe…well…just maybe, you should start your own business!  There are many reasons people think about starting a business. Here are a few:  Lost job or reduction in hours  Need additional income (e.g. second job or retirement supplement)  Be your own boss  Save for retirement, or other large item, etc.  Do something you love  Flexibility  There are many others For me, it was a personal choice. I had some family obligations that made it difficult to work a standard 9-5 job, so I looked into starting a business. But whatever your reasons are, you need to keep in mind several important considerations before you start your own business. Oh, there are hundreds of articles out there on HOW to start a business. But let’s

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